Moving in a hurry?

Sometimes life gets in the way and if you need to move ASAP, there’s a number of important things that you will need to do before the move:

  • Give the required Notice To Vacate to your current agent/landlord.
  • Call a couple of moving companies to get quotes and ensure that they are available to help you on the day or arrange hire truck/trailers.
  • Organise your packing boxes from the removalist (rent or buy), also arrange to pick up packing paper/bubble wrap if required.
  • You may also be able to collect free boxes from friends and shops (fruit shops are often handy for this).
  • Call the utility companies to organise to transfer your services.  Arranging this through your real estate agency will usually enable the transfers to occur within two business days.  Do connect gas and electricity as a priority.
  • List items on local buy/swap/sell sites to eliminate moving items that you no longer use.
  • Re-direct your mail through the local post office for one, three, six or twelve months. This may take a week to activate, so talk to the post office early.

Things to do as moving day approaches

  • Pack a kit of essential items you will need in the first couple of days.  Toiletries, coffee/tea, milk, bread, snacks, cups/bowls, medicine, a change of clothes, tea-towels, toilet paper, towels etc.
  • Pack a box of handy items – both new and old tenancy agreements, utility knife, multi-screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, notebook/pen, phone charger.
  • Book the professional carpet cleaner for your old home.

Two days before moving

  • Pack everything up, label boxes clearly with the destination room.
  • Ensure that rent in advance and the bond has been paid to the agency (if applicable).
  • Disassemble large items – table, trampoline, entertainment unit.
  • Mow lawns, tidy garden.

On moving day

  • Be available to direct the removalists or pick up the truck/trailer and start moving the big items first yourself.
  • Progress to small items and search all rooms for anything left behind.

In your new home

  • Supervise unloading and unpacking.
  • Check for damage to items and notify the removalist before signing move document of paying the invoice.
  • Check over the new house for damage and stains on the carpet to note on the condition report.
  • Complete the condition report.

In your old home

  • Clean, clean clean all surfaces, kitchen/oven/range hood/dishwasher/fridge cavity/sink, inside/outside cupboards/shelves, bathrooms/shower screens, toilets, window sills, skirting boards, exhaust fans, heater return vent, ledges, floors, light fittings, scuff marks on walls, garage, paths and driveway, grubby marks on windows/doors from pets.
  • Arrange for the carpet cleaner to collect keys and complete professional carpet cleaning.

Next time you move….

  • Take the time to declutter and scale down before you relocate.
  • Scale down on multiple items of the same type (4 sets of S&P shakers…….)
  • Give away/sell/donate to charity any items that you have not used in 1 – 2 years, baking trays/kitchen appliances/gadgets/sporting equipment/magazines/kids toys and anything you have not worn in more than a year.
  • Sell or give away odd/outdated/worn out furniture, spare mattresses, old camping equipment, pot plants, garden equipment.
  • Throw away outdated pantry items.
  • Throw away outdated bathroom and medical lotions/cosmetics/tablets/tonics/vitamins.