Where did my Property Manager Go?

Where has my Property Manager gone?  Unfortunately, many Property Managers leave the industry and it can be difficult for you to find a well-experienced, competent Property Manager when needed.


In some real estate agencies, the nature of the job, poor training, lack of time management skills, minimal experience and low appreciation can lead to burnout.


The strategies from Sales orientated real estate agencies often concentrate on one aspect of the business over another because of the higher revenue.  This can impact negatively for the Property Management department due to low wages, minimal incentives or recognition.  Often Property Management departments are run with only a small allocation of staff which can result in an overstretched team which leads to inconsistent work flow practices and a lack of attention to detail.


We do not have high turnover of staff.  Our team members are rewarded on performance and our team culture and environment is extremely positive.


- Each property manager manages a capped amount of properties, to safeguard the service levels we offer and protect the demands placed on each team member.


- Single point of contact – when you are assigned a property manager at Wilson Real Estate Property Management, they manage all aspects of your investment; rather than just the leasing or managing or just the inspections.


- All of our property managers and support staff are Licenced Estate Agents or qualified Agents Representatives.


Good Property Managers tend to seek a specialist Property Management employer who shares the same property management values as they do!