Property Management Services



First National Real Estate Warrnambool provides industry leading management services, investment education, landlord support and an expert team whenever you need it.  We focus on relationship building and where possible, same-day attention to your needs.


Property Investment is serious business and too important to leave to amateurs.


We believe that trust is earned, never expected.  Our one-on-one approach to property management will ensure that you feel comfortable that your investment needs are being taken care of and that your property is in good hands.


We strive to eliminate the stress factor for you.  When you are ready to enjoy the journey and benefits that your investment can provide, you will have a team of capable, experienced professionals to leave the keys with.


Our professional care and personal, detailed service will add value to your investment by ensuring that it is performing at optimum return.


Expert Property Care


There are many important decisions to make and issues to consider when you own investment property.


We will assess your property and build you a ‘likely tenant profile’, assess the rentability, discuss the level of upkeep that will be required and advise on compliance issues and minimum acceptable standards so that you can generate a maximum return.


Whether you live interstate or locally, we can act as your project manager during renovations or development.  We will provide regular updates, advice, and recommendations on reliable, reputable contractors to get the works completed on time and within your budget.


Our Property Care service aims to give you peace of mind and a hands-free experience as a landlord.


Fortunately, the team at First National Real Estate Warrnambool is well placed to advise you in a number of areas:


-The optimum investment time to hold and asset and when to buy and sell.


-The latest market movements for your particular property.


-Keeping track of the current market rent for local properties to rent.


-How to engage with and use your Property Manager to full financial potential.


-What are the best investment properties to buy and when.


Before you make expensive decisions regarding your current investment or a potential new investment, talk to us about how we can add value to your property portfolio.


Direct Communication – One to One Policy


Our philosophy centres around providing a personal, direct approach to the management of your property.  We believe relationships are our key difference, we have specifically structured our systems to ensure quality service.  One property agent at First National Real Estate Warrnambool will look after all your requirements and needs as a Landlord, so that you will become familiar with your property manager, know his/her name and know who to ask for, or more importantly, who you will be directed through to when you visit or call us.


Each of our property agents are allocated complete portfolios to ensure our landlords needs are met with consistent communication and follow through.


Working one to one with your Property Manager will be the key to maximising your property investment results.


Your property manager will gain an understanding of both your present circumstances and your investment desires for the future.


Your property manager will conduct all management tasks relating to your property from writing the initial advertisement for your property to searching for the most appropriate tenant, carrying out all inspections, preparing and executing all tenancy documentation and correspondence.  The property condition report, maintenance and repairs issues together with routine inspections will also be conducted by your property manager.  Essentially, your property manager will be accountable and receptive to all your Landlord requirements.


We believe that your requirements are unique and the service that we provide should also be unique. A well-rounded property manager will keep a ‘finger on the pulse’ of all actively relating to your property.


We will build a personal relationship with you so that we can offer the service level that you desire, this may require involving you in every decision or alternatively, taking over responsibility for decision making on your behalf.  It’s your property and your choice that matters.


Hands-On Philosophy


At First National Real Estate Warrnambool Christine Steere takes a hands-on role in client care, keeping property management as her main focus.  Most real estate agencies are owned and run by sales agents who unfortunately are not 100% focussed on their property management departments.


At First National Real Estate Warrnambool, Property Management is our business, not our ‘department’, your service needs will not fly under our radar, your property portfolio will remain our highest priority.


PropertyConnect, our unique Property to Tenant Connection Service


We endeavour to find the perfect tenant for your property in the shortest possible time to minimise vacancy periods.


Our tenant services include connecting the most suitable tenant to your property.  We use our extensive database to match your home to pre-approved tenants.  Personal inspections will then be arranged to ensure that a selection of the right tenants inspect your property.  It is our pleasure to provide a complete service to both our landlords and tenants.  Our pre-approved process involves a rigorous tenant selection.  The benefit of this process is that applicants who do not qualify, do not inspect your home!


We believe that the right tenant selection is completely vital to the success of your investment.  We provide a unique and complete service to prospective tenants looking for a rental property.  This provides a value-added service to both our landlords and our tenants.  We can match your home with the right tenants’ needs.


When we begin managing your tenanted property, we will record the upcoming lease expiry date in readiness for a potential tenancy changeover so that prospective tenants can be matched to your home in the event that your current tenant intends to vacate.


On many occasions, our properties are leased without the property becoming vacant and without the need to advertise or carry out inspections with non-suitable tenants.