Ready to switch to an experienced property manager?

Property Investment is serious business and too important to leave to amateurs.


We provide industry leading management services, investment education, landlord support and an expert team whenever you need it.


We take the hassles out of managing your property by providing our One to One policy.


Our philosophy centres around providing a personal, direct approach to the management of your property.  We believe relationships are our key difference, we have specifically structured our systems to ensure quality service.  One property agent at First National Real Estate Warrnambool will look after all of your requirements and needs as a Landlord, so that you will become familiar with your property manager, know his/her name and know who to ask for, or more importantly, who you will be directed through to when you visit or call us.


Each of our property agents are allocated complete portfolios to ensure our landlord’s needs are met with consistent communication and follow through.


Working one to one with your Property Manager will be the key to maximising your property investment results.


Your property manager will gain an understanding of both your present circumstances and your investment desires for the future.


Your property manager will conduct all management tasks relating to your property from writing the initial advertisement for your property to searching for the most appropriate tenant, carrying out all inspections, preparing and executing all tenancy documentation and correspondence.  The property condition report, maintenance and repairs issues together with routine inspections will also be conducted by your property manager.  Essentially, your property manager will be accountable and receptive to all your Landlord requirements.


We believe that your requirements are unique and the service that we provide should also be unique. A well-rounded property manager will keep a ‘finger on the pulse’ of all actively relating to your property.


We will build a personal relationship with you so that we can offer the service level that you desire, this may require involving you in every decision or alternatively, taking over responsibility for decision making on your behalf.  It’s your property and your choice that matters.


Hands-On Philosophy


At First National Real Estate Warrnambool, Christine Steere takes a hands-on role in client care, keeping property management as her optimum focus.  Most real estate agencies are owned and managed by sales agents who unfortunately are not 100% focussed on their property management departments.


At First National Real Estate Warrnambool, Property Management is our ‘business’, not our ‘department’, your service needs will not fly under our radar, your property portfolio will remain our highest priority.


Choosing an industry expert will be your best move!