Thinking of Selling?

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By Christine Steere




First National Real Estate Warrnambool has some advice on how to make your home the top of this list this season.


Homebuyers thoughts naturally turn to patios, outdoor entertaining areas, landscaping, air conditioning and pools during the warmer months.  Winter brings desire for creature comforts such as warm living areas, central heating, cosy log fires, window coverings, easy care gardens and shelter for pets. 

First impressions are critical and nothing is more off-putting to a buyer than entering a freezing cold, drafty house on a 10-degree day, which is why it’s important to make your home winter-friendly. With strong winds and gloomy skies outside, everything inside needs to be warm and inviting.  Hedges neatly trimmed and yards kept as tidy as possible will make it easier for prospective buyers to briskly step inside and enjoy your warm home.

Walking through the front door, homeowners should assess the first impressions created and position furniture so that rooms have an ‘open’ feel. Light a candle, place fresh flowers in vases, and pictures on the wall to give the property extra vibrancy. 


Remove any clutter, and while family photos are great, limit them to no more than three.

Be sure to have the kitchen and bathroom spotless and any used towels replaced with clean ones.

Most importantly, ensure any items requiring maintenance have been taken care of such as door handles, torn fly screens, broken window latches, light switches, light shades, leaking taps, doors opening and closing properly and clean carpets.

If you have central heating, make sure it is in good working order and put it on when you are expecting potential buyers to be coming through. If you don’t have central heating, make sure you open all internal doors to allow the rooms some warm air to flow from your heater and prevent stale odours forming in closed rooms.


The key area of a property during winter is the kitchen and living areas, where buyers will envisage the family gathering  and space to entertain. Australian’s love their family get togethers and can’t go past good functioning family rooms.

Ensure the lawn is always mowed and presentable, and the landscaping is tidy with beautiful healthy plants that have been well-cared for in the weeks leading up to any inspections.

On the day of the inspection, give paths a sweep for clean, hazzard free entry.

Home owners should also consider hiring or borrowing some plants, especially leading up to the front door.

For those with a pool or spa, be sure to keep them sparkling clean and leaf-free from crystal clear water to clean tiles at the top and bottom of the pool.  Make sure any pool equipment is neatly stored away and don’t forget the fence, gate, paths and decks. These should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and any cobwebs and peeling paint.


We schedule inspections for a time during the day when rooms are bright and have maximum sunlight shining in and preferably not in late afternoon during winter.


- When having an open house, we limit the number of people in the property at any one time.  Too many people may make it appear smaller than it really is and reduce the viewer’s potential to see the possibilities of the property.


- Keep pets out of the property during inspections and music at a minimum.


- Remove unsightly garden rubbish, which detracts from the appeal of your garden.  This goes for the garage, old sheds and any outbuildings.